Are there any websites to buy used office furniture?



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    Yes, there are many out there. allows you to search for used office furniture in your local area. Cort Furniture is another helpful company.  Their main purpose is to rent home and office furniture out for home staging and temporary office settings.  When the furniture comes back to them they often sell it to the public used for a fraction of the retail price. You could also try Craigslist if you feel comfortable purchasing from a private seller.  If you do decide to try Craigslist, I suggest you bring someone with you.  For one thing, the seller will most likely be selling their products out of their home and it’s always good to take someone along when you go to meet with a stranger. Secondly, you will probably need some extra hands to haul away whatever you end up buying.  With that said, it is quite possible to come accross some really good deals in your local area.

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    Yeah, I’d highly recommend craigslist, but with the precautions natvang suggested. I bought a great desk for a really cheap price off craigslist from a nearby town, and it’s worked great for me. You don’t have to pay for shipping if you find something close to you, you can negotiate the price, and you’re given the chance to inspect the thing in person when you go pick it up and decline if you want to. 

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    Have you tried looking at Facebook Marketplace? I always have friends and friends of friends that post furniture they want to get rid of on there for a relatively good bargain.

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