Are there any ways that we can make a pregnancy more eco friendly?



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    What an interesting question. In fact, there is a eco-friendly pregnancy test that allows someone the accuracy and speed of a regular pregnancy, while still having a small impact of waste on the environment. The brand Ecostart has a line of various family planning products including fertility monitoring products for men and women, pregnancy tests, and also vitamins for hopeful parents.

    The pregnancy test itself can be used 7-10 days after conception with results as early as one minute and the test is greater than 99% accurate. The test eliminates excess plastic and sells only the necessary strip needed to detect pregnancy. The products are from the United Kingdom, and can be ordered online and paid through paypal.


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    Pregnancy is a natural trigger of becoming more aware of hazardous around us.  Resources claim the best way to make pregnancy eco-friendly is go natural.  Eat organic foods and choose water in a reusable, non-toxic bottle over other beverages.  Clean usng environmentally friendly supplies such as Seventh Generation products.  Finally, look for organically made maternal clothing.  For great tips from green baby showers to green nurs ideas take a look at the attached website.

    In terms of avoiding or wanting a pregnancy, consider Natural Family Planning method.  NFP works with the woman’s body taking into account temp. and other natural body functions and charting progress.  Taking certain body functions into account, a person can tell when they are most likely to become pregnant.  Generally, NFP takes about a month – two months of charting before getting everything right.  You can talk with NFP counsels who can help get you started.  The great part is NFP is healthy as it involves no contraception pills. 

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    One great way to be more eco-friendly while pregnant is to wear second-hand or hand-me-down maternity clothing. Consider that you will only be wearing maternity clothing for 4 or 5 months before it will be too big. It’s barely enough time to put much wear and tear on the clothing. By borrowing from a friend or shopping at second hand shops, you’ll not only be able to save money but also cut down on the amount of materials drawn from the environment to create new clothing. You can pass the clothing on once it no longer fits to lend a hand to the next expectant mother.

    Another great way to be more eco-friendly is to consider walking places instead of driving or taking a bus. It’s important to keep fit and active while pregnant—you’re gearing up for one of the most physically grueling experiences you can put your body through—and walking is a great way to keep yourself moving and get your heartrate going, and is an activity you can do all the way through your pregnancy. As an added bonus, walking will help strengthen your pelvic floors, which will help in delivering your baby.

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    Healthy and eco friendly is the way to go as it reduces the chances of miscarriage and leads to having a healthy baby

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