Are there any ways to lock my helmet to my bike?



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    If your helmet has hollow air vents, you can loop your lock through one of them, then lock the bike as usual.  This way, a thief can’t steal your helmet without significantly damaging it first, which would deter theft by necessitating compromising the value and safety of the helmet.  If it is an expensive helmet, however, you may want just to bring it with you, to avoid losing it at all.

    Also, if you have an expensive bike, it is important to use a heavy-duty U-lock, locked around the frame of the bike, as well as one of the wheels.  For added safety, remove the front wheel, put it next to the back wheel, and loop the U-lock through the frame and both wheels.  Make sure you lock it to a secure object, as many things on the street appear safe but can be easily dismantled or broken by a savvy thief.

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    Good question, steffen88.  I have found a way to lock your helmet to your bicycle here.  Basically, it looks like a steel cable loop goes through your helmet and you lock up this loop with your bike. 

    Hope this helps!

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