Are there any ways of improving water quality and supply?



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    There are plenty of ways to improve our drinking water and supply.

    Of course the first thing we can do is conserve our natural resources of water by just using less. Shorter showers, wasting less and so forth. There is now an idea called “gray water” which is the idea of using gray water, which is partially used water, in our toilets and in other areas where the quality isn’t much of an issue. The water you bathe in, isn’t necessarily bad to water the lawn pending on the chemicals one uses when bathing.

    There is also the use of chemicals. Every individual that uses and excess of very environmentally harmful chemicals is contributing to the contamination of our water resources. This coupled with toxic waste is a way that our water resources are being compromised.

    Another point to tack onto the idea of using less is the idea of saltwater intrusion. Every day humans are pumping water our of our aquifers which leads to the empty underground void to be susceptible to salt water intrusion, which is what happens when salt water creeps its way into freshwater resources.

    Other areas where we can be mindful of our water supply is how much we fertilize our lawns and drive our cars. Stormwater runoff is the prime reason why our estuaries and rivers become polluted with dangerous chemicals.

    Along the same thought about estuaries and rivers is urbanization. Humans should be very careful about controlling there urban sprawl. Building around and over precious estuaries and other biodiversity hotspots inhibits the natural cycle of nutrient recycling and fortifying our water.

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