Are there any water bottles that filter the water so you can drink out of a stream, lake, or river?



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    There are portable water bottles that filter water, but I would try to keep the water I’m trying to filter from a stream, lake, or river rather clean to start with. Here are some popular filtering water bottles: Innova Water Filter Bottle, Exstream, Clear Brook Portable Water Filter Bottle and Bota of Boulder Outdoor Bottle Filter. 

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    Years ago, I discovered one of these while shopping at a local REI in Washington. They do exist, and they are very handy when hiking, camping, or just being outdoors.

    REI sells the SteriPEN water bottle filter for about $14. has a bottle with a built-in filter, and the bottle is made from corn.

    Clear2O has a series of bottles called Clear2Go with built-in filters.

    Finally, have some stainless steel bottles with filters.

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    I have done some reviews on the most popular filtering water bottles available today. Check out this site


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    The bobble is a very popular water bottle with a filter to use while hiking. I have linked below a website that sells both the bottles and filters seperately.

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    I bought one from my local Red Cross store a few years ago that filters water from streams and rivers while hiking. It has purifying tablets and a mesh screen to filter out debris. I’ve used it a few times and it has worked well, and is a good size to carry around (20oz). 

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    You can actually make an effective filtration system quite easily. There are several ways to do this and its extremely useful when camping and backpacking. The basic ingredients needed are: activated charcoal granules, sand, and cotton. From these ingredients you could make a simple filtration straw.

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