Are there any water bottle companies that use eco friendly materials?



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    Yes. There are some new bottled water companies that are putting out bottles made more environmentally favorably. Aquamantra, announced it is launching a biodegradable compostable bottle. Keeper Springs water is packaged in an eco-friendly PET bottle, and  BIOTA spring water from Colorado, is in a compostable plastic bottle derived from the renewable resource cornstarch (PLA or bioplastic polyactide). The most eco friendly options is still tap water in a SIGG bottle, Klean Kanteen stainless mug, Nalgene or some other BPA free container.

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    Yep.  Perhaps the most popular brand (for eco-friendly reasons) is Sigg.  They make their bottles from recycled aluminum, which are lightweight and durable.  Other companies are Nalgene, which as a result of the ongoing hubbub surrounding BPAs, has launched a line of eco-friendly, BPA-free bottles; Camelbak; Klean Kanteen; and Platypus.

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    Honestly the greenest bottle you can get is one that is made of material that can be used over and over again.  Put it in the wash once or twice a week, and just keep reusing it.  No matter how recyclable or biodegradable a water bottle gets, REUSING will always be better. 

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