Are there any watches that have GPS built into them?



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    Yes.  Garmin offers an athletic watch called the Forerunner which has a GPS system.  The Forerunner collection can be pricey, with the latest edition costing nearly $300.00.  Some of the older models are big and bulky, but the newer models are quite sleek,looking more like an everyday sports watch.  Garmin’s Forerunner can be found at some athletic stores or online.

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    If you are interested in a GPS watch they are available and modestly priced, ranging on average from around $80 to just over $250.

    One you may be interested in is the “Garmin ForeRunner 405 GPS Sports Watch.” This watch has many functions but in terms of GPS it offers ‘basic navigation’, in which you can save up to and recieve navigation for up to 100 locations. As a bonus, an environmentally friendly feature of this watch the battery it runs off: a rechargeable lithium battery as oppose to those that are only good for one-time use. It runs for about $200.

    On a related note, The American Watch Association has provided a helpful and informative site that discusses both the benefits of and how to recycle silver oxide-based batteries once they have died, based on your location.

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