Are there any water wars occurring right now?



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    In some areas water is the most precious natural resource, because clean, potable water (water safe for drinking/cooking uses and irrigation), water is not at all abundant like it is here in poorer areas. They call it a commodity. And, sadly, there is somewhat of a water war going on right now: Between “developed” nations, with the infrastructure, money, and know-how to build city- and nation-wide water systems and purification systems and sewers and everything we’ve got; and the rest of the world that does not have what the major (G20 and probably 100 more nations) economically fit countries have, and the people of these “third world countries” are suffering because we are winning that war without even knowing we’re fighting it. We could be building systems to provide them with clean water… we could tie our pipelines into theirs and share the infrastructure completely with the rest of the undeveloped world—but the “developed” world does not want to spend their money on such benevolent projects (we’d rather spend on our own national security—like the countries would fight us for bringing them water!). In ways it’s clear that the “developed” world has not yet developed a sense of morals outside the kill and take philosophy of the white-male-patriarch of European decent, the conqueror, the master. I say we take ourselves down from the rulers chair, and we sit on the same level plane of existence as our distant cousins and brethren by providing them with the help they need to build up their system of water provision and control (and we share if we have to, because God knows we can cut down on how much we use!).

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