Are there any walrus in California?



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    No, there are no walruses in California.  A walrus is a mammal with mustaches and long tusks. 

    They are mostly found around the Arctic Circle.Map: Walrus range

      Walruses are “sociable” animals that are constantly surrounding by hundreds of others while lying on the ice.  Walruses make noises often by snorting and “bellowing”. 

    Brown and pink wrinkled hides cover the walrus’s blubber and flat fin.  Their tusks are used to pull themselves out of the water and on to the land.  They also use the tusks to make holes in the ice for hunting prey. 

    Walruses are endangered.

    Photo: Portrait of a walrus

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    No walruses in CA.  But, we do have Northern Elephant Seals which look pretty similar. They live on the Pacific coast of the US, Mexico and Canada and spend over 80% of their lives in the water.  In CA elephant seals can be seen along the Central Coast near San Simeon and Big Sur from April – September.  [img_assist|nid=192837|title=Elephant Seal|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=75]



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