Are there any videos that will teach people how to go green?



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    The Sierra Club’s YouTube channel has many how to videos on topics such as installing low flow shower heads, insulating your wall outlets properly, and checking your toilet tank for leaks among other things such as interviews and environmental PSAs. Check it out in the link below.

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    Well, if you are feeling particularly intrepid, I suggest following the show, or getting the DVD, “Living with Ed” It’s about the eco-friendly daily life of Ed Begley Jr, actor and activist who has championed the environment.  The show entertaining and informative, and one of the best ways to learn more about the environment from a man who is practicing it every day.

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    YouTube is replete with videos on almost every aspect of going green – from sustainable hair styling to general household maintenance. Here’s a starter video, which covers some of the basics of green living. I would suggest browsing Green Answers’ many blogs on green tips, then searching YouTube for videos on that particular topic (green travelling, for instance).


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