Are there any video games about the environment?



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    I personally have not seen any popular video games on the market so far about the environment.  Yet, with video games becoming more life-like as technology advances, a few developers have began to produce some green games.  For the Xbox 360, there are Public Tranzporza, Eco-Friendly Cooking Enforcer, Red Dead Redemption Center, and Fuel Efficiency.  For the PC you can find Metal Gear Salad, Grass Effect, Grand Walk in the Park, and Cabella’s Ultimate Deer Preserve.  I personally have not played any of these games but there really are quite a few clever eco-friendly parodies of popular video games.

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    There are some games that involve the environment, but they mostly focus on children. Emerald Island is a MMO game that allows children to explore a fantasy island and work together to preserve the land from those who don’t take care of it properly. This video game is designed for Mac and Windows. Other children games for the PC include : Secret of Bird Island and Elf Island. The only adult environmentally friendly game I am able to find is called “Plan It Green” and is similar to SimCity.

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    Flower for Play Station 3 is incredible. It starts out showing pictures of cityscapes and then takes you into brown fields. You start off as a single flower petal and ride the wind, making other flowers bloom. As you open more flowers, you become a longer trail of petals and beautify each area you open flowers in. The music is great, the scenery is incredible, and I highly recommend it. It is only $10 to download. 

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