Are there any vending machines that have good food in them?



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    Yes! Yo-Naturals and Natural Choice Vending are both new companies that started building health-oriented vending machines. Snacks include juices, teas, nut & dry fruit mixes, organic milk as well as natural, organic snacks like pita chips and pretzels. None of the products contain artificial flavor/color, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, or transfats.

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    Yes! Have you ever heard of Fresh Healthy Vending? They sell fruit juices, organic milk, healthy smoothies, baked chips, fruit snacks, healthy bars and other nutritious snacks. They are actually the first program offering perishable products in the US. Furthermore, they have a huge selection of over 500 natural and organic snacks. Okay, okay so we don’t get that vast choice from one vending machine, it depends on the franchiser. However, we can be rest assured we are buying quality, healthy snacks that are yummy.

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