Are there any vegetarian turkey substitutes for Thanksgiving that actually taste good?



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    The most popular vegetarian Turkey I am aware of is Tofurky. Taste, well, thats all up to interpretation, but alot of its has to do with preparation. Many fake meats can be really dry, Tofurky included. I have only eaten it a few times, but I enjoyed it the most when it was cut into pieces and cooked with other moist veggies in the oven or over a fire, so it could absorb all their juices.

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    The link below has reviews of several vegetarian turkey substitutes.  Gardein Stuffed Veggie Turkey Roast, which can be found at Whole Foods, was the winner based on appearance, meatiness, and overall taste.

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    My family and I like the Vegan Whole Turkeys.  They are expensive, though, and can be hard to find since stores like Whole Foods don’t order enough of them.  When I asked the sales manager of the VegeUSA about them, he said stores typically begin picking them up around Oct. 20th, or so, and they are usually available around the first week of November.

    If you would like to know how they taste before taking the plunge, VegeUSA makes vegan half chickens that taste identical to the vegan turkey.

    The flavor of them is a bit sweet. You will need to season them before putting them in the oven. 

    We eat them every now and again  maybe once or twice a year just for something different, as they are not really cost effective for a single income family of four like mine.

    Something you may want to try is not having a turkey-based food item at all.  In Veganomicon there is a really great pot pie recipe that is very filling called the Almost All American Seitan Pot Pie, or something to that effect.  If you don’t feel like making seitan for it, you can use the Chicken-Less Strips from Trader Joe’s. This pot pie recipe is really good and not too difficult to make, especially if you buy frozen pie shells, and many store brands are vegan.  The pie can easily take the place of a turkey centerpiece.  It’s very special, and very tasty. The only drawback for it is you can’t make sandwiches out of it!  🙂

    I’m posting a link to my blog just because there is a picture of the TJ chicken-less product’s box there.

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