Are there any vegetarian bats?



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    Yes, there are three types of vegetarian bats. One is the fruit bat which lives in the rainforest and eats primarily ripe fruits. Another is the Australian Southern Blossom Bat which drinks nectar from flowers at night. Lastly, there is the pollen bat. This type of bat helps the pollenating process of mangoes and bananas, among other things. 

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    Yes, not all bats are “vampires.” One of the most plentiful species is actually the fruit bat. Their diet consists of various fruits and nectar from flowers. This is the same for nectar bats whose slender noses allow easy access to nectar. Interestingly enough, bats like the fruit bat and the nectar bat are core contributors for many farmers today because of their ability to pollinate.

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    Yes, there are fruit bats that live in the rainforest and like to eat mangoes and tropical fruit. 

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    Not all bats feed on insects. Fruit bats feed entirely on fruits and have an extra sensitive sense of smell to help them locate their sweet food. Many times these fruit bats are not nocturnal, and eat openly throughout the day. Other species of bats are known for eating nectar. These species of bat have elongated muzzles and long tongues to aid them in their search for food.


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