Are there any vegan fast food chains?



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    While there are no vegan fast food chains on par with a McDonalds or Taco Bell, there still are options out there for vegans at traditional fast food restaurants. It is true that the choices may be limited, but there are ways for vegans to navigate the menus of some of the United States’s most infamous chains (for example, at Subway one can mix and match veggies of their choice, but at the Golden Arches, choices are few and far between–salads, granola, and oatmeal). One “chain” of sorts in the Boston area is Clover Food Lab. The company’s fleet of food trucks are spread out all over the city, and with an entirely vegetarian menu that promises quick service, it may be one of the closest things to tasty fast food for vegans out there.   

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    One vegan chain I love to eat at is called “The Loving Hut.”  They have approximately 50 locations throughout the United States, with the majority of them in California. Unlike McDonalds where the menu is standardized, every Loving Hut franchise has a different menu to reflect the tastes of the area they’re operating in.  At the franchise in Orange, CA, which I believe is run by buddhists, you can find vegan salads, orange chicken, burgers, and even philly “cheesesteak”.

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      Nope. Not Buddhists. Master Ching Hai (we call her the High Priestess of Tofu–lol) is a cult leader with branches all around the world. She’s got Buddhist roots, though.

      She also has restaurants under different names, such as Golden Era in San Francisco, CA and Vegetarian House in San Jose, CA.

      She recently opened a Loving Hut in my city, as well as a restaurant called Au Lac.

      Link to a forum post about someone who has lost family members to her cult:,74558

      Supposedly, she does lots of good deeds whenever disaster strikes, and her followers are very devoted to her.

      I’ve eaten at Golden Era and it was OK. Vegetarian House left much to be desired. Haven’t tried her branches in my city yet, though.

      Here isa blog post about her with interesting comments:

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    The closest thing America has to a vegan fast food chain is about to open in Palo Alto.  It’s called Lyfe Kitchen.  It will not be totally vegan, but will have many vegan options because one of the founding partners is vegan chef, Tal Ronnen.

    It’s really interesting to read how they plan to serve the food and about their ideas for expansion.  I hope it’s very successful!

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