Are there any uses for CFL’s after they burn out?



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    CFL’s should be recycled after they burn out.  They contain a small amount of mercury, despite being more eco-friendly that regular light bulbs; so therefore should be recycled.  There are state hazardous waste sites, and there are also companies that take them in the mail, which can be more convenient.  They components will be disassembled properly this way, and whatever can be reused, will be.

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    Not yet, but recycling them is very important.  First, there is mercury in them so if you put them in the trash and they break, the fumes are toxic.  Second, it is always better to recycle anything that can be recycled.  Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to recycle CFLs which is why many of them are just thrown out.  The USPO has a free recycling kit you can get, or you can bring them to IKEA.  For all of the information, look at this website:

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