Are there any universities that teach about renewable energy?



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    There are several! Many don’t call their programs “renewable energy” rather they are under the guise of “sustainability.” Here are some programs:

    Program on Energy and sustainable development – Stanford (

    Programs in Sustainable international development – Brandeis (

    School of Sustainability – Arizona State University (

    Sustainability – Baldwin Wallace College (

    Environmental Sustainability – Eastern Mennonite University (

    Renewable Energy – Illinois State University (


    Good luck!

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    One of the greenest collegiate institutions in the nation is Middlebury College in Vermont. The campus has taken many steps to reduce its ecological foot prints including a number of programs for college students aimed to help reduce their environmental impact. Recently, the school began generating heat with the scraps and waste of nearby logging operations and will soon switch to their own renewable source of willow trees for energy.

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