Are there any types of flooring that are made from recycled materials?



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    There are a lot of companies that make different types of green flooring. This company that I posted a link to has both recycled material flooring for carpet, hardwood and tile.

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    Yep. In addition to the site posted above by johnmallory34, there are several other online options. First the site for EcoFriendlyFlooring, among the recycled options this company offers are recycled glass and metal tile. This next website also specializes in eco friendly and recycled flooring–specifically, they used reclaimed hardwood that was left over from mills all over the world. 

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    This company makes sports flooring from recycled rubber.  In addition to helping the environment, they feel that recycled rubber is simply more durable and makes for a better floor than new rubber.  SPOP also provides options for recycled carpeting and other flooring.

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    Cork flooring is often made from recycled wine corks, and Mohawk carpets makes their Everstrand carpets from recycled plastic drink bottles. Another thing to consider is whether the carpet you choose is recyclable — some carpets have recycled (and recyclable) backing and fibers. Bamboo flooring is also made from sustainable materials, since bamboo grows quickly, though it is not recycled.


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