Are there any types of dogs that are endangered?



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    The Kennel Club in the United Kingdom has a list of Vulnerable Native Breeds which identifies breeds of dog that register less than 300 puppies a year.  The Otterhound is the most endangered dog breed in Britain with only 51 born in 2006, and there are only an estimated 1,000 or so in the world.

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    This is more of a United Kingdom thing, but yes. The UK Native Dog Breed trust defines ‘endangered’ as dog breeds that produce less than 300 puppies a year. By these standards, 28 of 63 British and Irish dog breeds have less than 300 puppies a year, a list of which you can find here. The Kennel Club’s Vulnerable Native Breeds Group thinks that these qualifications are a bit to loose to include exotic or “designer” breeds of dog, however, all domestic dogs are really designer animals, as they were selectively bred and developed by Man from wolves.

    Wild dogs are more seriously considered endangered, and the African wild dog is the most endangered predator in all of Africa. They have fallen victim to habitat encroachment by humans and are regarded as pests. It is believed the total Serengeti population is below 60 dogs (4,000 or less in all of Africa). The Dhole is a wild Asian dog and their numbers are estimated to be under 3,000 worldwide.

    I personally don’t think domesticated animals should be referred to as ‘endangered,’ as they do not reflect an aspect of natural heritage, but rather, unnatural, and their endangerment would not reflect the traditional implications of endangered species, but simply the fact that people aren’t breeding them as much (they aren’t going extinct because of poaching or habitat loss, etc).

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