Are there any types of animals that are underrepresented on the Endangered Species List?



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    Reptiles are definitely one of the types of animals underrepresented on the Endangered Species List.  Of the 9000 estimated reptile species in the world, only 1677 (as of 2009) have been studied.  That is less than 20% of the total number of reptiles, and their percentage of species that are endangered is close to that of amphibians, which are considered to be in a crisis.  However, the threat to reptiles has not been widely publicized.  Other types that are certainly underrepresented are invertebrates, freshwater species, and marine species.

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    Reptiles are definitely underrepresented. As are other species that are not charasmatic. For example, fishes, insects and other invertebrates, and amphibians and reptiles. There are many birds and mammals on the endangered species list. This is often a problem when it comes to recognition and funding for the proection of species as cute and adorable species are better received by the general public. Efforts must be made to educate people on the importance of other animals in the ecosystem so protection is better afforded to them as well.

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