Are there any tune ups or anything that I can do to my car to get better gas mileage?



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    Properly inflating your tires will help to improve fuel economy. Older cars should have clean air filters installed, but this does not make much difference in MPG for newer cars.

    A tune-up may uncover serious problems such as a faulty oxygen sensor – a bad sensor can cause a 40% drop in fuel economy.

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    There are a variety modifications that you can make to your car to get better gas mileage. Depending on the quality of your car, you could modify some of the engine components, such as upgrading the cam shafts or installing a cold air intake. You could also upgrade the computer software to more precisely tune the fuel injectors. A very simple way to improve fuel economy is to pour fuel system cleaner into your gas tank. The most popular brand of fuel system cleaner is made by STP.

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