Are there any tuna that can be farmed like salmon?



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    For many years researchers and scientists have tried to raise tuna from eggs with no success. It is common practice, however, to wrangle tuna. In wrangling the fish are captured at sea in cages when small and then fed at sea and raised until matured and then harvested. 

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    The tuna are actually caught when young far out at sea and transported closer to shore in nexts with flotation aids around the tops and weights on the bottom of the net. The nets are of a type named purse seine. A cage is not used as this would be very difficult to float, as a large size is required and would be far more difficult to tow at the rate of 1 knot which allows minimal distress to the young fish. A cage would also have to have very fine mesh which is not feasible.

    Purse Seine Tuna NetPurse Seine Tuna Net

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