Are there any tribes that still practice cannibalism?



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    The Kulina tribe in Brazil has been accused of cannibalism recently, and the Korowai tribe in Papua New Guinea is believed to still practice cannibalism, though there is another belief that they simply perpetuate that rumor themselves to encourage tourism by those who are fascinated by cannibalism.  Some Melanesian tribes have been accused of cannibalism as well, though I can’t find out the particulars on that.  In the wikipedia article there is a long list of modern occurences of cannibalism, many of which were perpetuated by Westerners/Americans.

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    To add upon the Kulina tribe in Brazil, sources have expressed that the three members accused of cannibalism were practicing homicide. Cannibalism has never been common in the Kulina tribe, which has led most sources to believe that the action was not influenced by any tribal practice.

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