Are there any track houses that have eco friendly upgrades available?



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    Tract house or not, all homes can be improved in a “green” way. It always depends on how much you have to budget for the upgrade and where you want to upgrade. Do you want solar energy panels on the roof? Or do you want to work on the inside of the home and get a solar water heater? How about fixing the faucets that are too old?

    Most, if not all, energy upgrades are available to any home. If you wanted to start small, you could install new energy efficiant window panes. Want to go smaller on the wallet and still make a difference? Walmart even has energy efficiant drapes! Changing all the lightbulbs in your house to energy efficient bulbs (you can find these in any grocery store – labelled). Upgrade faucets if they are leaky because those drips every 5 minutes add up. has forums for all types of home improvements and discussion boards full of ideas on what you can do, big or small, to any home. Check them out!

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