Are there any toilets that you don’t need to use toilet paper?



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    Interesting question, ewing514.  There are actually toilets called bidets that are made for just this purpose.  A bidet basically shoots water up underneath you to clean your private areas.  There are many different styles of bidets, some stand along and some integrated with the toilet.  Either way, they make it so you don’t have to use toilet paper, though of course, you still can, and probably should.

    photo credit: Chris 73, wikipedia

    Hope this helps!

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    Bidets are generally used in Europe more so than in America, and I believe for sanitation purposes it is better to be used in conjunction with toilet paper, not instead of it. If you want to be eco-friendly when nature calls, get a low flush toilet that uses less water than a standard toilet.

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    If you want to avoid toilet paper to save trees, you could consider using washable cloths. It’s not as taboo as many think. I’ve attached some links to websites that talk about this, and also sell the cloths. You could also try a biffy, it’s an attachment to turn a regular toilet into a bidet too.


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