Are there any tidal energy plants in Hawaii?



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    There is a wave project taking place in Hawaii in the waters off Oahu’s windward coast. Check out the link for more information. 

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    At present Hawaii does not have any tidal energy plants — at least none that seem to show up in web articles.  Hawaii has been experimenting with Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion since the 1970s.  According to one discussion at the tides in Hawaii aren’t strong enough to generate enough usable energy.  However, a research report on the website claims: 

    “Hawaii’s circumstances favor wave energy

    development. Reliable northeast trade winds create a

    superior wave energy resource. Long-term data support

    resource assessments which have concluded that even a

    minimal withdrawal of wave energy can theoretically

    provide all the electricity needed for three of the four

    counties in the state.

    Hawaii consists of”

      Naturally solar energy and geothermal energy are relatively common in Hawaii.

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