Are there any teachers that you have had that have helped you become more eco friendly?



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    My Environmental Science professor and teaching assistant helped me become more aware of environmental issues and more green.  My prof presented great information during class and was gave a very balanced approach to environmental studies.  She gave us the facts about global warming and let the students decide for themselves instead of being didactic and telling us what to think.  The teaching assistants during labs were great because they were so enthusiastic about the environment.  We would go on field trips to the river, parks, etc. and they would always be informative and fun at the same time. They stressed ways to conserve energy on a daily basis (reduce water usage, recycle more etc.)

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    My environmental science teacher my freshman year of college really opened my eyes to the needs of the environment. Not only did he teach about being eco-friendly, he lived it. From week long hiking trips in Alaska to day long canoe trips in Florida, he showed us that working towards a sustainable future was not only the right thing to do but could also be one heck of an adventure. He showed us a lot of photographs that he had taken during these trips that really made his lectures come to life. 

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    My Global Warming professor (David Archer) this past year was particularly inspired me to be eco-friendly. He taught me what global warming actually meant, and that it was a process that was meant to be beneficial to the environment, but something that we were exacerbating so it is becoming detrimental. He hooked me on green living 🙂 He even wrote his own textbook!

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    My environmental history professor and my anthropology professor who specialized in environmental education both inspired me to conduct research on environmental topics and alter my daily activities to be less environmentally damaging. The environmental history professor assigned us several books and articles to read for the semester, giving me an abundance of material to sort through for our interdisciplinary papers due each week. Her class really helped me to integrate ideas regarding environmentally sound practices throughout history and the ideologies that have formed and reformed throughout time. Working with the anthropology professor, I carried out original research on student environmental group activities and was exposed to some more of the daily actions that individuals can take to be more eco-friendly.

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