Are there any animals that take baths in water?



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    Man-made aids such as bathtubs, soap, plastic combs, and brushes are unavailable, so animals must manage with whatever equipment nature provides. Tongues are important in the cleaning activities of many animals.

    The bobcat licks every reachable part of its body; then it licks its paw and uses the wet foot to wash its face and behind its ears. Bats spend at least an hour each day washing themselves in catlike fashion. Ants are among the cleanest of all insects. They lick themselves every few minutes with an oily saliva that cleans and oils their bodies. They also lick each other as a part of their grooming activities. Since their antennae are quite sensitive, they also must be kept very clean. To clean them, the ant lifts its front leg over one antenna and pulls the antenna through a special brush of hairs which grows at its “wrist.”

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    Macaques (a species of monkey) in Japan will take dips in the natural hot springs of Jigokudani. These hot springs are perfect places for the monkeys to warm up from the cold and snow of the mountains. The macaques that bathe here are the only primates (aside from humans) that live that far north.

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