Are there any swans in southern California?



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    Yes, there are at least three species whose historical range has included Southern California.  Those species are as follows.

    Trumpeter Swan:

    Mute Swan:

    Tundra Swan:

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    Yes, as andyyeah said, there are different types of swans that spend time in California.  One of the types, the Tundra swan, migrates to sunny California to winter there.  Bird watchers believe more than 100,000 Tundra swans come to Cali along the Pacific Flyway from their normal breeding grounds.

    Many of the 100,000 that travel to California will wind up in an area called District 10, a 23,000 acre area of rice fields and restored habitat.  District 10 is also home to other animals including ducks, geese, shorebirds, herons, egrets, Sandhill cranes, and raptors. 




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    Yes, there are swans in Southern California. I live in Southern California and when I go to the park I see them all the time. I do not see as many swans as ducks and geese but I have been to many parks in Southern California and i always see at least one to two swans per park.

    Swans are a symbol of grace and I love seeing them. I have even fed swans duck food before. Once a swan walks up to me for some reason all the ducks tend to be scared and run away. I noticed that the swan does not walk straight but instead waddles and limps. It seems that they have a hard time of supporting their body weight on land. In reality swans can get really aggressive and I am frequently scared of them getting too close to me.

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