Are there any SUV’s that get over 30 MPG?



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    There are SUVs with over 30 mpg. 

    According to a list of the most current list of most fuel efficient vehicles by class: 

    Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain, both with a highway mpg of 32, road mpg of 22. These two are the best in the market. The rankings were compiled by EPA, so it is relatively credible. I am pretty sure other countries might have more fuel efficient vehicles, though SUVs are rare in most countries unless you are super rich or super important! 

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    Yes. If you are looking for fuel-efficient vehicles in America, I recommend searching through, which houses an official database of most of the commercially produced vehicles (excluding bicycles, which are technically vehicles) available to American consumers. It has a “power search” under “find a car” that you can use to filter the vehicles you want to see. Ford and Lexus both offer SUVs that get 30mpg in the city.

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