Are there any sustainable sea food restaurants?



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    Thankfully, yes!  The first link I have attached is a list of some of the best restaurants that have sustainable seafood.  I’m not sure of your location but hopefully one of these is close by.  The second link I have attached is a complete list of all seafood that is okay to eat, and the seafood that you should completely avoid.  If you are worried about sustainable seafood, I would also recommend to stay away from Trader Joe’s for a while when it comes to your fish.  They are still in the practice of using bottom trawling.  Target however has committed to sustainable seafood and is a great place to buy your fish.  Hope this helps!

  2. 0 Votes is a website entirely dedicated to locating sustainable resaurants that serve sea food.  Not only does the site list restraunt locations and reviews from all around the country, but it also provides relevant news on the industry, and suggestions on what fish to avoid eating. 

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