Are there any sustainable redwood forests?



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    Some of the few remaining grooves of redwood trees are located within state and national parks, where they are safe from logging. Scholars of environmental studies and professionals such as natural resource managers strive to ensure that such protected areas are appropriately cared for using sustainability principles. However, other stretches of these ancient trees are owned by lumber businesses and are being harvested unsustainably. A company called Pacific Lumber has been charged with defying regulations regarding maintenance of the forest ecosystem. Luckily, academicians and activists are researching effects of logging and other anthropogenic activity on various aspects of the redwood environment and campaigning for protected zone status of the remaining industry-owned redwood forests. Some organizations, such as the Save the Redwoods League, work to purchase plots of the redwoods’ native land and restore these majestic woodlands. Still, the great amount of damage that has been done to the redwoods has created a fragmented forest system that is threatened by a variety of human impacts, including pollution and the introduction of invasive species.

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