Are there any sustainable housing developments for colleges?



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    Yes.  Most colleges are working to improve the sustainability of their existing dorms and campus housing, and others are building new ones that are eco-friendly.  Carnegie Mellon, for example, has the self-proclaimed first eco-friendly dorm.  Tufts has solar panels on its new residence hall, Penn State has mandated that all new buildings be LEED-certified.  Berea College in Kentucky has an Ecovillage for its students, which utilizes solar energy, efficient fixtures and appliances, insulation, and uses rainwater collection for water.  Warren Wilson College built and EcoDorm in 2002 that uses PV panels for solar energy and water heating.

    Colleges know that they will attract students, save money and help the earth by becoming more sustainable and the vast majority are taking steps to become so.  Some are more ahead of the curve than others, with Ecovillages and similar developments, but if you go to almost any college website you will easily learn about their sustainability efforts.

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