Are there any sustainable fortune 500 companies?



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    Yes.  Even the biggest companies in the world realize they are nothing without their customers and if their customers are going green, so should they.  In 2007, the EPA challenged companies to reduce their carbon footprint and buy more sustainable types of energy.  Fifty-three of the top Fortune 500 companies rose to the challenge and purchased more than 6 billion kw of green energy.  They are able to do this with the use of RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates).  Individual companies calculate how much energy they use in a typical year and then pre-pay for greener energy sources (solar/wind power) to be installed and used in equal amounts which replace the production of harmful energy sources with greener ones.

    The top 5 are as follows (top 5 green energy purchasers):

    1. Intel Corporation

    2. PepsiCo

    3. Wells Fargo & Company

    4. Whole Foods Market

    5. The Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.



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    Intel is ranked #1 because 50% of their electricity is green-powered.  This quite impressive because Intel is a huge company.  In Oregon alone they employ 15,000 people.  Hopefully other companies will use Intel as inspiration and work towards becoming an eco-friendly company too!

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