Are there any sustainable cosmetics companies?



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    The best thing to do is try and make your own cosmetics! Here’s a good video on the subject:


    Also, a few products you might like:


    You can always start by reading labels. They will tell you a lot about a product (same goes for food!) Things you can’t pronounce, and a long list of ingredients, is probably a bad sign. Companies that make eco-friendly, animal-friendly, and fair-trade products, are most likely going to brag about it by advertising it all over their labels. Try writing or calling companies as well, weather they’re “green” or not, telling them that either you want them to change, or that you appreciate their awesome green practices. 

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    Although I didn’t see any brand specific information here, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit website (link below) is very informative regarding this question.

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    There are tons of sustainable cosmetic companies out there.

    Organic and natural skin care companies as well, which strive to use eco-friendly processes and packaging. Here are some that our store carries:

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    Yes there are! As one person mentioned, you can always make your own. I like checking on Healthy Home and Body (a blog) to scout for DIY ideas. If that’s not up your alley try out these products:

    1. RainWater Botanicals

    2. Bee Yummy Skinfood

    3. Wendy Lou’s

    4. Sangria


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