Are there any subways in California?



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    There is a metro line which runs through much of Southern California, from San Diego to Long Beach to Los Angeles, extending in both directions slightly further than these key note cities. For tracts of these lines the metro runs underground, making it technically a subway. In Los Angeles these underground lines are known as the red, gold, purple and blue lines.

    However these lines aren’t anywhere near as vast or pervading as subway lines in some northeastern cities, namely the subway lines which service Manhattan and the surrounding Burroughs.

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    The BART train runs throughout the Bay Area from the East Bay to San Mateo County.  With an average weekday ridership of 357,800 passengers, BART is the 5th heavy rail rapid transit system in the United States.

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    In San Francisco, there is a subway called BART, or Bay Area Rapid Transit, where it can take you to San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, Berkeley, Fremont, etc.

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