Are there any stylish Eco Friendly running shoes?

My reputation at the gym is on the line here.



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    An article on highlighted some companies making strides to greener running shoes, albeit small ones. Companies including Nike, Brooks, and Asics are making some of their shoes with less glues, more biodegradable materials and packaging them in better boxes. Unfortunately, the article points out, it is very difficult to balance environmentally friendly with longevity and performance. Some of them only last 50 miles!? Some other avenues to make shoes greener is participating in shoe recycling programs. See the article below.

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    END shoes would appear like your typical running shoe but reduces the amount of waste used. A normal running shoe takes about 300 hands to produce, but END cut that in half but taking out unneccessary steps. They use less materials, no toxic chemicals, are made with recycled products, and generally run for $85. Other companies that make eco-friendly running shoes include Outdoor, Inc., Terra Plana, Brooks, Cascadia2, and BioMoGo.

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