Are there any studies that show yoga improves sleep for healthy people?



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    Yes I am sure it helps with healthy people too.  Below is a link to a How-To use yoga to help you sleep.  It seems like it is some good information! 

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    I have recently incorporated a regular yoga routine and find that i am sleeping better, and i also have more self control and motivation.  Yoga practice is excellent for increasing circulation and balance.  Focus is primarily on breathing, which does wonders for your health when you make sure to breathe properly.

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    There are said to be 5 or so poses in yoga that can aid in sleeping well. These particular poses are said to allow you to fall asleep faster and sleep better overall.

    The first pose is the reclining twist position; basically lying on your back and twisting your hips to one side and then repeating the other side. This pose tends to relax and release the back. In my citation below you can actually see these poses being done.

    The second pose is the supported forward bend which has you reaching forward towards your feet and resting your outstretched arms on a chair. This type of supported pose can relax the body by making you feel grounded and calm.

    Following this pose the wide leg forward bend allows your body to fold onto itself, releasing your body tension while stretching the hamstrings which typically remain tight as you try and fall asleep at night.

    Another pose is lying on your back and using bands to stretch your feet, one at a time, up toward the sky. This really helps align your back before resting and again stretches those tight and very large hamstring muscles.

    The legs up the wall pose inverts the body, again allowing you to feel grounded and stretched.

    Lastly the corpse pose allows you to rest completely on your back relaxed and ready to fall asleep. Following the order of these exercises as I have written them is also suggested.

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