Are there any studies that show the effects an increase in the gas tax would have on the purchase of alternative fuel cars?



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    Yes there are, and the link could not be more evident. A study conducted at Pike Research in May of this year shows the clear correlation between gasoline prices and the popularity of electric vehicles among consumers. The verdict: nations that add high taxes to their gasoline generate more sales of EVs than those that do not tax their gasoline as much. 

    The United States ranked at the bottom of this list, due to the low-priced gasoline that is available to Americans. On average, the US driver only saved $813 annually by driving an EV over a standard car. Compare that to Norway, where drivers save over $2000 by switching to hybrids. Great Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands also ranked higher than the US, since gasoline is, on average, 2.5 times the price in Europe. 

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