Are there any stories of owls or other birds of pray taking small humans?



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    There are quite a few old folklore stories about big birds of prey killing people. Such stories exist about Golden Eagles in Europe and Asia. There are also unconfirmed stories about owls inadvertently killing humans who were bothering their nests. 

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    All birds of prey, owls included, are not powerful enough to mess with humans, and they know it. Large sea eagles and powerful hawks could possibly get away with a baby, but said baby would have to be completely alone and unprotected. Even the fiercest of hunting birds would have insurmountable issues killing or transporting a human (although there certainly have been documented cases of maimings and scratchings), and owls especially (who have never in reported ornithology rarely go after anything bigger than a pomeranian — see cited link), would have no logical basis or physical means to attack or even attempt to “take away” a human, regardless of size.

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