Are there any states in the United States that are not dependent on foreign oil?



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    No. America in general is dependant on foreign imports for roughly 75% of its oil. If we want to change that, either we strive for autonomy and produce our own oil (which would be impossible considering our demand far outweighs our supply,) OR we light a match to oil and kiss it goodbye. It’s an outdated, dirty, polluting, war-causing, unhealthy and dangerous resource. We already have other forms of creating energy, and with the right kind of focus, could be engineered to far exceed fossil fuels in terms of efficiency, cost, and sustainability.

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    The US is not (and has not ever been, so far) dependent on imports for 75% of its oil. In mid-2010 the dependency is about 60%, it has been as high as 63% of so before the recession.

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