Are there any states that try to make the people in Prisons more green?



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    With the prison population on the rise any ways to cut cost are taken into consideration. Going “green” in Prisons are no exception. In the Indiana Department of Corrections they installed water boilers that run on waste wood chips, and built a wind turbine at one prison that generates about 10 kilowatts an hour. This results in a savings of 2280 thousand dollars a year. Ironwood State Prison in Blythe, California has reduced their energy use by 20% by installing solar panels.

    Inmates are even joining the cause. Daniel Travatte, convicted for armed robbery and serving 10 years, is responsible for the prison’s three hives of Italian honeybees. He has learned to harvest honey and use the beeswax to make lotions. Another inmate is now in a doctoral program and co-authoring a research paper on a moss growin projectr to help reduce the impact of wild moss harvesting on forests.

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