Are there any states or cities that have mandatory plastic bottle recycling?



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    There are a few. San Diego is an example. However, mandatory recycling usually doesn’t focus exclusively on plastic bottles; the most common items that are the subject of recycling laws are paper and paper products. Most mandatory recycling laws at the local level mandate that municipalities and property owners (such as of large apartment complexes) offer recycling bins for residents. The rate for plastic bottle recycling is at the moment less than paper recycling, probably because there are fewer facilities to recycle plastic bottles than there are facilities that can handle paper. The bottle problem appears to be much worse, though. As the popularity of bottled water has exploded, our landfills are becoming choked with cheap plastic bottles. I think more localities will be addressing this problem in the future.

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    San Francisco mandates recycling.  Every house has at least three different bins out front: one for recyclables like aluminum and plastic, another for compost, and one more for other trash.  Everyone seems to follow the program efficiently, and they are definitely setting the example for other cities.  

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