Are there any states or cities that have banned Styrofoam?



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    This is a 2010 list of cities in the US that have banned styrofoam with many more that are considering bans. There are 100+ cities in this list, but since it is a year old I am sure there is a more updated list out there:


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    While a lot of cities have banned styrofoam, no state is yet to do it. But according to recent stories, California is getting close to being the first state to ban the material outright. A recent bill that cleared the state senate is set to prohibit food vendors and restaurants from distributing food in styrofoam containers by the beginning of 2014, and is set to be voted upon by the Assembly at the end of August. 

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    While California is planning to try to ban styrofoam used by restaurants, grocers and food vendors, the state would still allow styrofoam use for packaging.  Generally styrofoam used for packaging is recycled more, because food does not have to be rinsed/washed off of it prior to recycling it.

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