Are there any states that can be powered by 100% renewable energy?



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    It is possible to power every state in the USA with Renewable energy.  The only hurtle is funding.  Throughout the industrial age and into our current economy, coal and oil have been the large industry money makers.  This means that there has been a lot of money thrown into oil, coal, and natural gas development, and green renewable energies are a more recent development.  This means that we need to alter the balance of power.  The research and science are well established in the field of renewable energy, but the balance of power is much harder to shift with research and common sense when there is massive quantities of money being piled on the side of old, dirty, and outdated energy.

    If we can make a concerted effort to help fund these newer energies, the balance of power can be altered and we will see a new emergence of cleaner, sustainable energy powering our cities.  Something that is long overdue.

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