Are there any states besides California that have a water crisis?



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    Yes. According to Jack Hoffbuhr executive director of the American Water Works Association, “36 states in the US are facingwater shortages.” Rising temperatures due to lgobal warming increased evaportation rates across the country and reduced the important water sources. Midwest, shows that the great lakes are shrinking and upstate New York have shrunken reservoir levels  in recent years. Florida’s expected to be next. Florida has no shortage of rainfall, the natural wetlands has left the water unable to drain back into the soil. 

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    Yes, I can say that firsthand, Texas has been suffering from water shortages. The majority of the state has faced extreme drought this year. We had less than half the normal rainfall, our lakes are 38% of their normal fullness, there has been an estimated $5.2 billion in agricultural and livestock losses, and 3.4 million acres have been devastated by wildfires. In addition, cities like Austin are growing so rapidly that governments are struggling to secure enough water for future populations. 

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