Are there any spiders that humans eat for food?



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    No, humans are simply too large.  Spiders only prey on other creatures smaller than or equal to their size.  Additionally, many spiders are not even capable of biting through human skin.  Those that can bite through human skin do so only as a defense mechanism.


    Edit:  Whoops – I misread this as “Are there any spiders that eat humans for food?”  In any event, spiders are a national delicacy in Cambodia.  See the second link below for more information.

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    Of course, is this to say you haven’t tried them?! Ha, in Cambodia, tarantulas are sold as a treat. To give them a little spice, some are deep fried in garlic and salt. Some street vendors can sell over 200 spiders a day. 

    Lovely tarantulas in Cambodia

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    Yes. In Cambodia, there is a tarantula called “a-ping” which is fried and eaten. Spider can be considered a delicacy.

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