Are there any species that we can get rid of without a large impact on our environment?



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    Its hard to tell how extermination of certain “undesirable” species can effect an ecosystem as a whole. Sometimes, by killing something off, you end up creating a bigger problem because you upset some sort of predator/prey relationship, which could ultimately destroy a whole ecosystem if it is serious enough.

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    I doubt it. All species have a niche, serving a purpose in the ecosystem. While another species could move into that niche if one species is exterminated, that takes time. The rest of the ecosystem will suffer in the interim. For example, imagine one prey species suddenly disappearing. The predator that formerly fed on that prey will now have to feed on something else. This would mean another prey item is being fed on more than it once was, and therefore its population is threatened. Everything is connected, and the vanishing of one species can ripple through the web, causing a huge impact. Even eradicating species of viruses affects other species in the ecosystem.

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    There are probably some species that live in extreme environments such as at the deep end of the ocean or inside deep cave systems that can be killed off without a LARGE impact on the environement.  Although it is very hard to say what the exact impacts would be, killing off such species might not necessarily effect the immediate environment we are concerned with.  It is best to limit the extermination of any species although humans being human make this next to impossible.  Humans have been exterminating species on a regular basis by their actions and encroachment into different habitiats without paying much attention to the impact on the environment.

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