Are there any species of grass that you don’t have to water?



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    All grasses and plants need water to grow. The only “type” of grass that doesn’t need water is fake grass. However, there are some grasses that need less water and maintanence, such as the “No Mow Eco Grass,” which is a blend of different species.

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    All plants do need water to grow, as henry said, but there is a newer grass seed on the market called Pearls Premium that does not need to be watered by people once it is established. It develops deep roots that can draw water directly from the water table and eliminate the need for sprinklers. It also is very slow growing and only needs to be mowed about once a month. Harvard University has reseeded much of their grounds with this seed.

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    Harvard University was NOT planted with Pearls Premium!!! If you dont know the answers or happen to just want to lie, I suggest you do NOT answer the question!!

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    Pearl’s Premium grass, as described by nelsam, is a grass designed to need less maintenance.  However, it does require quite a bit of water care to get it established.  Although you would not need to water it on a rainy day, the grass must be watered every day for 3 weeks and watered every other day for next the several weeks.  It needs diligent care for the first year.  In hot weather, the grass must be manually watered until it is strong enough to come back on its own after arrid weather.

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