Are there any species of grass that are poisonous?



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    Yes, arrow grass is highly poisonous to livestock.  Each year it kills 3-5% of all cattle, sheep, and horses.  The grass is commonly found in Western states, and contains toxins such as hydrocyanic, or prussic acid.  If cud-chewing animals consume large quantities of this grass in a small period of time, it may be fatal.

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    According to the National Science Foundation, robust needle grass – commonly known as sleepy grass – can be poisonous to livestock when consumed in too-large quantities. Fungal endophytes may infect this type of grass, producing compounds like lysergic acid amide that sedate animals and may even kill them when eaten in abundance.

    Panicum Virgatum, more often called switchgrass, can be toxic to horses, sheep, goats and rodents, as reported by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Alkaloids like diosgenin and yamogenin have been identified as likely culprits.

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